Basic Biology

About Us

Adam Purcell - About UsBasic Biology is a media company that teaches the world about the fascinating world of biology. The company was founded by Adam Purcell, an ecologist and all-around nature enthusiast from New Zealand.

Basic Biology was created in 2013 after growing tired of being disappointed with the biology websites available during Adam’s undergraduate studies. The foundation of our company is our website which reaches more than 70,000 people from over 190 countries each month.

The company now has a range of additional resources on offer including books, flashcards, posters, infographics, and exclusive content for email subscribers.

The Mission

Basic Biology was founded with two goals:

  1. To create an interesting and educational website that can help people learn the basics of biology; and
  2. To increase people’s appreciation of the natural world.

Earth is a truly amazing planet and the diversity of life on Earth, in my opinion, is its greatest asset. Life is an incredible phenomenon that is easily taken for granted and neglected. Basic Biology is here to help increase people’s awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the natural world around them through education.

The Future

It is still early days for Basic Biology. In the near future, we plan to continue creating articles, biology resources, and providing exclusive content to our email subscribers on important topics in biology.

The plan for the future is to move into other platforms of media including film and podcasting.  We believe videos will make learning easier and more entertaining for Basic Biology students while podcasting is a rapidly growing medium that offers a great opportunity to spread the word about the wonder of the natural world.

And there are plenty of other ideas for the long-term future of Basic Biology which will certainly keep us busy for quite some time.

Last edited: 31 March 2019