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Adam Purcell - About UsBasic Biology is an introductory website to the fascinating world of biology. The website was created by me, Adam Purcell, and I’m a huge fan of the natural world.

I hail from the small country of New Zealand where I have recently finished my master’s degree at the University of Waikato. I am particularly fascinated by the complex relationships between animals, plants, microorganisms and the environment.

I started creating Basic Biology in 2013 after I was disappointed with the biology websites I came across during my undergraduate degree. There is still a lot of work to do but www.basicbiology.net now has more than 130 articles on a wide range of topics covering plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, biochemistry, genetics and much more.

The Mission

I built Basic Biology with two goals: one, to create an interesting and educational website that can help people learn the basics of biology; and two, to increase people’s appreciation of the natural world.

Earth is a truly amazing planet and the diversity of life on Earth, in my opinion, is its greatest asset. Life is an incredible phenomenon that is easily taken for granted and neglected. I want to help increase people’s awareness, understanding and appreciation of the natural world around them through education.

The Future

It is still early days for Basic Biology. In the near future I plan to continue creating articles on important topics in biology.

Once I have a good foundation of information available on the website I plan to move into making short video clips with real life footage from the natural world. I believe videos will make learning easier and more entertaining for visitors of the website and make Basic Biology more successful at raising the appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

There are a lot of other ideas floating around in my head for ways I can improve the website for my visitors but for the foreseeable future I think articles and videos will keep me busy enough.

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