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How many 'main' groups is the domain Archaea split into?

List five different fields of biology

Are archaea more closely related to bacteria or eukaryotes?

True or false: According to the theory of evolution, all life has two common ancestors.

Protists include all eukaryotes that DON'T belong to which three groups of organisms?

Why are viruses considered by some scientists to not be living things?

What is the technical name for the study of plants?

What does DNA stand for?

How many cells do the majority of living things have?

What is a nucleus?

Archaea were originally believed to live only in extreme environments. List one of the first environments archaea were found.

What structures are the basic unit of life?

What are the two key differences between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells?

Why is Charles Darwin arguably the most significant biologist of all-time?

How long has natural selection been driving the evolution of organisms on Earth?

The tree of life begins by splitting into three domains. What are the three domains?

Are all organisms able to move in some way?

Do living things have the ability to create energy?

Add the missing group of plants: angiosperms, %BLANK%, ferns, lycophytes, non-vascular plants

Why is movement evolutionarily helpful for organisms?

What is cytoplasm?

What type of organisms are humans?

List three groups of organisms that consist of mostly single-celled organisms

Do you find prokaryotic cells in large organisms?

Define homeostasis

Life is found on which planets in our Solar System?

What kingdom of life do humans belong to?

What are the core taxonomic categories in biology?

What is MRS GREN?

Excluding water, roughly what portion of a cell is made from protein?

Under the process of natural selection, which individuals are most likely to survive and reproduce?

What is genetics?

Biology is the study of what?

Why are ribosomes not considered organelles?

What are the four molecules of life?

True or false: Living things maintain the environment within their cells and bodies?

Animals are higher level organisms. Name another group of higher level organisms.

What are "living things" technically called?

What domain of life do animals and plants belong to?

What are the three features that almost all cells contain?

True or false: Bacteria and archaea are two groups of primitive organisms?

What are the seven life processes found in all living things?

What are the basic units for passing traits from parents to offspring?

What is ecology?

List three conditions that cells work to maintain in their internal environment

True or false: Children look like their parents because they share the same genes?

What type of cells do you find in advanced organisms?

What is the smallest structure capable of performing all seven life processes?

What is the process that has led to the huge diversity of species on Earth?

What is a general definition that distinguishes animals from all other organisms?

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