Certificate Program

Basic Biology has released the beginnings of what is planned to become a multi-tiered certificate program with the primary purpose of giving recognition to the top students of Basic Biology.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of people use basicbiology.net to learn about biology and we feel that the students who are dedicated to learning should be recognized. This will be a great opportunity for anyone wanting to receive recognition for their knowledge of biology and add a handy qualification to their CV.

Studying with Basic Biology and our certificate program offers several benefits including:

  • Elevating your CV to the next level with higher qualifications
  • All studying is 100% free
  • You can study from wherever you are in the world
  • You can study whenever you want
  • A completely hassle-free graduation over the internet
  • Qualifications are a tiny fraction of the price of those from traditional education institutes

Our first qualification, the Level 1 General Biology Certificate, is now available.

To successfully attain this certificate, students will need to successfully pass a one-hour online examination. The exam is made with questions from the ‘Getting Started‘ section of this website and our free 6-week email course (which you can subscribe to at the bottom of this page).

Level 1 General Biology Examination

This is the first examination of Basic Biology’s certificate program. The examination tests students on the basic principles of biology in topics such as the tree of life, MRS GREN, evolution, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, animal biology, plant biology, and more. Access to the examination is available for $94.99.

We have several great resources to help you study for this exam. These include the 10 pages of our “Getting Started” section, our free 6-week email course, and a selection of five practice tests. Our practice tests are our number one study tool and are available for $4.99 each.

The Level 1 General Biology Certificate offers a great chance for you to prove your knowledge of biology, to improve your CV, and to prove your dedication to learning to the world and future employers and colleges.

Our pledge to conservation

As a bonus, 20% of all revenue generated from this Certificate Program will be spent on the conservation of endangered animals, plants, and ecosystems. By taking our examinations, you will be helping to save species and ecosystems threatened with extinction, all the while gaining yourself a biology qualification. It’s a win-win.

Level 1 General Biology Practice Tests

In addition to the relevant pages on our website and our free 6-week email course, we have created a collection of practice tests to make studying for the exam that much easier. Our practice tests are our number one studying tool for the exam. Once you purchase a practice test, you are able to take the test as many times as you would like prior to sitting an examination. We encourage you to feel confident with our practice tests before you sit an examination.

A total of five practice exams are now available for $4.99 each.

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